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最近入手了Surge for Mac,

有时软件多也是累赘,对于Surge大名,早有耳闻,看了下官方手册,好长。不过官网的一段介绍-Meets All Your Personalization about Network,清晰准确的描述了Surge的定位及解决的点。


购买地址:戳 …



  • 执行release命令,生成新版本号及changelog记录
  • 提交修改后的package.json,changelog到GitLab仓库
  • 打包新版本到私服Nexu …

I love Alfred so much that once I find one of my own efficiency needs, I will study the feasibility of Alfred, and immediately look for third-party or custom development if it is feasible. Until today, I have already developed 16 workflows , and many experience posts, it’s a really good experience.

Whether it is self-developed or from a third-party, most of them that are being high frequently used. Here to share, may help some friends.


Click the workflow title link to access the download page. …

Just listed some computer software that I used on my Mac. Keep it as record, and also can provide reference for some friends.

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  1. Some of them are paid APPs, and there are many free and open source as well, but the APP depends on the output value at last. These APPs have greatly helped my work and life, and they are worth it.
  2. Due to personal reasons, some paid apps are solved by student license or trial. Student certification is free and the functions are complete. The trial version also has complete functions, but there is a time…

一直很喜欢Mac的Touch ID及Apple watch的解锁体验,但身为开发,日常还经常会使用到shell sudo,这时也会提示输入Mac密码,于是我在想是不是也可以用Touch ID及Apple wa …

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