I love Alfred so much that once I find one of my own efficiency needs, I will study the feasibility of Alfred, and immediately look for third-party or custom development if it is feasible. Until today, I have already developed 16 workflows , and many experience posts, it’s a really good experience.

Whether it is self-developed or from a third-party, most of them that are being high frequently used. Here to share, may help some friends.


Click the workflow title link to access the download page. The download page will have an introduction, so I won’t share more details here, and only show the main functions in GIF animation.


  1. Airdrop
  1. Currency Converter
  1. Dash
  1. Eudic Tools
  1. GitHub
  1. JetBrains — Open Project — v3
  1. New File
  1. OCR
  1. Pic Uploader
  1. Surge
  1. Switch Sound Output
  1. WeChat Plugin
  1. Evernote


  • For efficiency tools, there is no best but the right one.
  • In actual installation and use, you may meet problems, there are the following solutions.
  • Here,I maintained a lot of issues that I encountered in actual use, check whether there are related issues, and please post issues.
  • Ask questions on the download page of the above workflow, and the community enthusiasts or authors will reply.

Develop with pleasure!