Mac Software Recommendation List


  1. Some of them are paid APPs, and there are many free and open source as well, but the APP depends on the output value at last. These APPs have greatly helped my work and life, and they are worth it.
  2. Due to personal reasons, some paid apps are solved by student license or trial. Student certification is free and the functions are complete. The trial version also has complete functions, but there is a time limitation, but if there is a way to clear the trial record, you can always use it. Of course, if this trick is not good, you can only TNT.
  3. For paid APPs, you can buy it if you can afford it, and support genuine.
  4. Some apps on So will be replaced from time to time.
  5. When choose constantly and advance the APPs, I have a little feeling that APPs to us is just like a sword is to the swordsman, not much, but in its ease and sharpness. So choose the one that suits you, and then learn more about it, and ultimately improve your efficiency and make your work and life better.
  6. The medium does not support tables, so I can only post pictures. Those interested can click on the original link at the end of the article

APPs List






Develop with pleasure!

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Alan He

Alan He

Develop with pleasure!

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